Online Marathon
"11 Days of Self-healing"

with Hari Singh and Hari Nam Kaur
September 29 – October 9, online

Online Marathon
"11 Days of Self-healing"

with Hari Singh and Hari Nam Kaur
September 29 – October 9, online
11 days of deep self-healing through yoga and meditation!

On October 29, the online marathon dedicated to Guru Ram Das - the Guru of Healing and Miracles will begin! Every day with Hari Singh and Hari Nam Kaur, you will practice online small and very effective 11 minute meditations aimed at deep healing of incredibly different aspects of yourself.

The online marathon will end on October 9 with a free healing Rebirthing - on the birthday of Guru Ram Das!
Topics of healing meditations
(11 minutes each, Rebirthing 1h)
Healing Spine
September 29
Healing Reality
September 30
Healing Inner Harmony
October 1
Healing Bowel
October 2
Healing Nimbus
October 3
Healing Mental Contol
October 4
Healing Glandular System
October 5
Healing Emotional Balance
October 6
Healing Stability of Marriage (Family)
October 7
Healing Inner Peace
October 8
Free Healing Rebirthing
October 9 – on Guru Ram Das Birthday
Completion of the online marathon
October 9, 20:30-21:30 Moscow time
Hari Singh and Hari Nam Kaur will complete the online self-healing marathon on October 9th - the Birthday of Guru Ram Das! This day is considered a day of miracles and fulfillment of desires, when all your requests sent to the Guru will be heard and fulfilled.

On this day, on the 11th day of the online marathon, Teachers will conduct a sacred healing Rebirthing so that each participant can be reborn, get out of deadlocks and meet the challenges of life with a smile again! Together with a huge community, all together, we will feel what it is like to be reborn using the space of Guru Ram Das!

Festive Rebirthing is the final part of the online marathon, participation in it is free and available to everyone! Rebirthing will be held on October 9 at 20:30 Moscow time live on Instagram account @
Guru Ram Das
Guru Ram Das is the fourth Sikh Guru, who is called the Lord of Wonders. He is teacher and spiritual mentor of Yogi Bhajan, and he represents the fourth body - neutral mind and the quality of healing.

Traditionally, Guru Ram Das's birthday is celebrated on October 9th. 11 days before this, an amazing and blessed time for the fulfillment of the most cherished desires begins.

It is during this period that we will begin our online marathon to go through a deep self-healing process!
Marathon Schedule
(Moscow time)
September 29 – October 8
11 minutes daily meditations
October 9
free healing Rebirthing
The online marathon will be held in Zoom in English with translation into Russian, access to viewing the video recording of each meditation will be provided (except for Rebirthing).
Hari Nam Kaur and Hari Singh –
one of the most powerful teachers of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan with experience of more than 30 years.

For many years, they directly studied with the Master of Kundalini yoga Yogi Bhajan and the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan Guru Dev Singh, receiving invaluable experience and knowledge from them.

Hari Singh and Hari Nam Kaur teach around the world, gathering hundreds of people from different countries to regularly practice with them live and online.

They are powerful hereditary healers and are among the three people in the world who received the initiation to conduct the Bound Lotus Sacred Healing changing fate.
Participation cost – 50 euros
Please write us if you would like to participate: