Kundalini Surjhee Japa

live in San Cristobal de las Casas + online
28 July - 1 August 2021

Kundalini Surjhee Japa

live in San Cristobal de las Casas + online
28 July - 1 August 2021
We are glad to invite you to the annual Kundalini Surjhee practice and continue with the legacy of the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, Guru Dev Singh.

Yogi Bhajan asked Guru Dev Singh to sit and hold the Re Man, and later the Kundalini Surjhee. Soon these Sacred Naad practices became a critical part of Guru Dev's teachings, so he included them in his yearly teachings, first in India and then moved them to Mexico.

During all these years, Guru Dev Singh trained a group of his students to sit (Sadhu Singh, Hari Singh, Hari Nam Kaur, Jugat Guru Singh, Deva Singh and Daya Singh), so they could, in the future, continue with the sacred practice of these Japas.

As it was initially programmed, the Kundalini Surjee will be held in Guru Dev's magic hometown, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico from the 28th of July at 11 am to August 1st at 10 am, 2021 (Mexico Time).

Join to perform a profound meditation of 11,000 repetitions of the beautiful Shabad, Kundalini Surjhee Satsangat, in praise of Guru Ram Das. Together we'll sit until 11,000 repetitions have been completed.

Online participation on Zoom platform is also available.
San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
Hotel Rincon del Arco
Ejercito Nacional 66, Barrio del Cerrillo, 29220
With special guests
Gurmukh and Gurushabd
Master class before Kundalini Surjhee

On Tuesday, July 27th, the day before the Kundalini Surjhee Japa commences, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm CDT,
we shall experience the first live and in-person class of Kundalini Yoga as taught to us by Yogi Bhajan in Hacienda Guru Dev. On this day we shall dedicate this class to the New Learning Center.

Gurmukh will teach The Thunder Power of Love, a 2.5-hour, in person in the Home of Guru Dev Singh, which will be simulcast on Zoom… piercing through the veil of illusion, entering the heart, and feeling the Thunder Power of Love.

For this Event, we ask for a contribution of US$60 from each participant. The proceeds will support the renovation and restoration of his Home as a Learning Center, Hacienda Guru Dev, so that this Divine Legacy of the Ancient Healing Teachings, which are perfect for today in this world, may continue to thrive and to grow.

This is the first step as we build the foundations of our Sanctuary of Learning, which Healers of the world can call Home. Please join us.

Repetition of Kundalini Surjhee Shabad

Kundalini Surjhee – a Shabad, which was written in honour of Guru Ram Das. A recitation of the Shabad gives understanding and experience of the flow and Kundalini Energy, provides with rejuvenating effect on the whole body by harmonising and tuning the internal organs.

Japa is always a very deep meditative experience that takes practice to a new level. But for that, a person must have a strong discipline and a certain experience of regular meditations.
Important Information
Who can participate online?
Important! Online participation is available. To participate in Kundalini Surjhee Japa online, you need to have experience of two or more live Japas with Guru Dev Singh (Reman or Kundalini Surjhee), or 3 or more Perugia Retreats.
If you don't have experience in Japas and Retreats
If you have experience in only one Japa with Guru Dev Singh (Kundalini Surjhee or Reman) or in less than three Retreats in Perugia, then you can write it in a special field in the registration form, and your application will be considered individually.
How to register?
To register, you should completely fill out the form below. After that, wait for confirmation of your registration and the payment link.
How to make the payment?
After confirming the registration, we will send a special link for payment to the email you specified according to choosed format of participation. In live format, you should make a 30% advance payment to book, in online format you should make 100% prepayment. Payment can be made only through PayPal.
Participation Cost
5 nights, full board from the 27th July to the 1st August
Single Room (Live Participation)
Early bird - before 15 June
After 15 June
20000 pesos / 1020 USD / 850 EUR
23000 pesos / 1170 USD / 960 EUR
prepayment amount – 8500 pesos via PayPal
5 nights, full board from the 27th July to the 1st August
Double Room (Live Participation)
Early bird - before 15 June
After 15 June
18000 pesos / 915 USD / 750 EUR
20500 pesos / 1040 USD / 860 EUR
prepayment amount – 8500 pesos via PayPal
There's very few single rooms left. You could be accommodated in a closed-by hotel.
Online Participation (in Zoom)
8500 pesos / 425 USD / 350 EUR
If you have any questions about live participation, please contact Ines +52 55 6760 9732 / inesdgk@gmail.com
If you have any questions about online participation, please email us japa@thegoldenlink.ru