Kundalini Surjhee Japa
Online participation for non-Europeans only

with Guru Dev Singh and other Facilitators
19-23 August 2020

Kundalini Surjhee Japa
Online participation for non-Europeans only

with Guru Dev Singh and other Facilitators
19-23 August 2020
Join Guru Dev Singh and other Facilitators to perform a profound meditation of 11,000 repetitions of the beautiful Shabad, Kundalini Surjhee Satsangat, in praise of Guru Ram Das. Together we'll sit until 11,000 repetitions have been completed.

19-23 August 2020, the course starts on Wednesday at 22.00 h and ends on Sunday ca. 08:00 h (European time).
Online participation for non-Europeans only
Live on Zoom platform
Important Information
Who can participate online?
Important! Online participation is available for non-Europeans only. Also to participate in Kundalini Surjhee Japa online, you need to have experience of two or more live Japas with Guru Dev Singh (Reman or Kundalini Surjhee), or 4 or more Perudgia Retreats.
If you don't have experience in Japas and Retreats
If you have experience in only one Japa with Guru Dev Singh (Kundalini Surjhee or Reman) or in less than four Retreats in Perugia, then you can write it in a special field in the registration form, and your application will be considered individually.
How to register?
To register, you should fill out the form below with following: your name, email address, and describe your experience of participation in Japas or Retreats with Guru Dev Singh. After that, wait for confirmation of your registration.
Participation cost and Format
From August 19 to August 23 there will be 24-hour online sessions on Zoom platform with Guru Dev Singh, Hari Singh, Hari Nam Kaur, Sadu Singh and other Facilitators. The cost is 7,000 Mexican pesos (ca. 265 euros).
How to make the payment?
After confirming the registration, we will send a special link for payment to the e-mail you specified. Payment can be made only through the PayPal service to the account of the organizers from Mexico.
Kundalini Surjhee Japa
Many years Kundalini Surjhee Japa takes place in the small town in the Netherlands.
This time Guru Dev Singh will be participating and holding the space from Mexico. The recitation doesn't need a specific place to hold the power of the Surjhee mantra and it can be held from any distance, to work perfectly.

Guru Dev Singh has chosen Sadhu Singh, Hari Singh, Hari Nam Kaur and others to facilitate the Surjhee. With all love and looking forward to serve you at the Surjhee Japa.

Guru Dev Singh is one of the few great masters alive and it's a blessing and unique opportunity to participate in any of his courses.

Repetition of Kundalini Surjhee Shabad

Kundalini Surjhee – a Shabad, which was written in honour of Guru Ram Das. A recitation of the Shabad gives understanding and experience of the flow and Kundalini Energy, provides with rejuvenating effect on the whole body by harmonising and tuning the internal organs.

Japa is always a very deep meditative experience that takes practice to a new level. But for that, a person must have a strong discipline and a certain experience of regular meditations.
Participation Cost
7000 Mexican pesos (~265 euros)
Payment via PayPal (link will be sent after registration)
Registration Form
Payment link will be sent after submitting the registration form.
Please check if you write your email address correctly before submitting the registration form.
Describe your experience (participating in at least two Japas with Guru Dev Singh (Reman or Kundalini Surji) or four Retreats in Perugia):
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