11-day online marathon

«Recharge yourself at the autumnal equinox»

With Hari Singh, Hari Nam Kaur, Amar Dev Singh

23 September - 03 October

Autumnal equinox

Two moments in the year when the Sun is exactly above the Equator. And day and night are of equal length. 

Our lives go through cycles of growth and need balancing and newly supplies of oxygen prana and positivity. 

On the Fall Equinox you may want to honor all that you have in your life and shift your consciousness from one of lack to one of prosperity and gratitude in some way through a marathon.

11 days of practice with Teachers,
September 23 - October 3
With video recording

Topics of marathon meditations

(Daily at 19:00-19:15 Moscow time 11-minute practices with Teachers)
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Day 1

We dive into our bloodstream and by sucking up oxygen from the lungs and reorganize the heart and create fresh blood.

This meditation we do 11 min first day and 11 min last day so you know it well and can practice it for maximum 22 minutes at home but having 11 min, a break and the last 11 min.

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Day 2

We will get rid of old wounds living in our memories system in the muscles . all old pain from childhood anger we will get it out and done with! This is just like on day 4 and day 5 and medical meditation, it heals instantly deeply all that’s considered a wound and harmful for the inner you.

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Day 3

We are going to feel how when controlling an aspect of the mind we can control our metabolism.
This meditation brings an unbelievable capacity to control the mind and capacity to override the metabolism and its essence.

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Day 4

This is like day 2 and Day 5, and medical mediation, this meditation detoxes and radically removes old problems and disruptions INSIDE the first chakra.

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Day 5

This Medical Meditation improves vitality, endurance and productivity. It detoxes the rhythm of the inner body if going to slow, meaning its usually 72 hours to renuw all self and if it takes longer you become old, so lets turn back the biological time clock 

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Day 6

We are giving the pancreas a boost today. From the back and the front we redo this beautifull organ who is responsible for giving and receiving love and leaning the most important part - SELF-LOVE.

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Day 7

It is easy to hear a truth, but difficult to live it - imbed it deeply into your heart and mind. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul. The Neutral Mind lives for the touch of vastness. It lets other thoughts be, without disturbing your inner light.
Call on your higher self and keep going steadily through all barriers. Let it go and let it flow. 
See how the universe provides. 

Lets heal our relationship with this Universe!

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Day 8

We will in support of day 1, we do this mediation of wich Yogi Bhajan said its ancient old and perfected over the centuries to open the heart arteries and changes how u feel yourself. Ecstasy mediation.

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Day 9

We will have our intent clear of what was an horrible issue for us in the past and radically remove it from the system. So u can choose and relationship problem or an trauma or any other issue that lives still in you!

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Day 10

Today we will become young in the spirit and young in the face , we deserve happiness and it comes when being bussy with once own self and breath.

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Day 11

Day 11 is same as Day 1.

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11-day online marathon
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23 September
 ─  03 October
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